About Us

Beverly Hills Iranian-American Doctors

Mike Mirahmadi, M.D. CEO & Founder

BHIAD was formed in January 2003 by a group of Iranian-American doctors who are in active private practice of medicine in the Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles area.

Our goals are as follows:

1. To promote friendship and networking among our group and serve our community.

2. To assist young Iranian-American doctors who are in private practice in this area to become more successful in their practice and in their academic achievements.

3. To attract more young Iranian-American doctors to come to the West Los Angeles area for private practice of Medicine from all over America.

How can we achieve our goals? We must get together more often, have quarterly meeting, publishour own newsletter, and develop our own Internet website, and telephone referral service. We may dojoint advertising in newspapers, radio or T.V. We must promote our traditional family values and beproud of our heritage and culture. We must do something valuable for our community too, such asbuilding a board & care or a convalescent home for our senior citizens.

For finding the best doctor in the West, please call our telephone number today or review their name or their resume on this site.